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Kassandra Halkidiki

Halkidiki or Chalkidiki has been a great, historical, summer destination for Greeks that spent their summer holidays in the coastal villages. One of them is Kassandra and is located in the western peninsula of Halkidiki. It offers special tourism with endless sunny beaches and gorgeous blue-green sea. The development of tourism has promoted the creation of organised tourist facilities that guarantee a wonderful holiday environment. So if you are planning to travel to Halkidiki you can get many accommodations from Airbnb. Another great destination to visit is Kriopigi. It’s located east of the Kassandra and it is famous for its green forest and its blue flag beaches. The hotels and the Airbnb rooms are on the central road by the beach. If you like exploring places, Kriopigi has loads of paths and a great environment in the forest. The name of Kriopigi is based on its natural spring that has cold water and it is one of the first suggested places that you can visit. Also, the beaches are amazing with crystal clear water and breathtaking views. Finally, you can book easily your holidays on many websites as you can discover holiday offers from a fantastic range of destinations.

Hotel Halkidiki or appartment at Kassandra, Polychrono?

The hotels in Halkidiki that are located in Polychrono offer a range of facilities such as air-conditioned accommodation, free WiFi and they are pet friendly. The apartments are bright and beautifully decorated. You can book them easily on many websites like Trip Advisor or Booking.com and you can discover vacation packages at affordable prices where breakfast is included. Hanioti is located in Kassandra and it’s a picturesque tourist resort with many sidewalks, green parks and a large beach. It’s the place that you can seek moments of calm and serenity. The accommodation offers are varied. More specifically you can find cheap rooms, small or large hotels, luxury villas that can satisfy the visitors. Hanioti is a quiet village suitable for family vacations but if you also like nightlife you can visit Kallithea or Pefkochori which is very near. In the village, there are all the necessary facilities, such as supermarkets, ATMs and a doctor’s office for your healthcare.
Maria Rooms appartments at Polychrono, Kassandra
Maria Rooms are located in Polychrono and offer houses with air-conditioning, free WiFi, a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV and equipped kitchen. It is ideal for families as there is a playground in the apartment. For those that want to get a car Maria rooms to provide car rental services and bicycles too. The property is 30km away from Sani Beach where you can swim in the turquoise waters of Cape Sani. Also, it’s 14km away from Afitos or Athytos, which is a mountainous village with stone houses with a view of the Toroneous Gulf. There you can find restaurants with Macedonian food and bars overlooking the sea.

Holidays in Halkidiki
Halkidiki constitutes a combination of culture, history, great beaches and a welcome as warm as the weather. It is the best option for vacations for all ages. It’s the place where you can find luxury hotels in rural areas and all the atmosphere becomes magnificent. The best part that you can visit is Sithonia which includes the most beautiful white, sandy beaches and it is a great option for those who love camping.

Hotels in Haniotis, Sithonia, Afitos

Hanioti is a pretty small town that has everything one could need for a relaxing vacation. It has many resorts which means that it is a self-contained destination that can provide for all of your travel needs in one location. The 4T Sani Beach hotel is a stylish number on a seven-kilometre Blue Flag Beach. There’s a lagoon-style pool, 16 restaurants plus beautifully appointed rooms straight from the pages of an interiors magazine. If you like working out and stretching your legs you can try the two-hour hike along the clifftop to the hidden ruins of a Roman villa. Sani Beach is known for its diving, so you have to take advantage of the location and see what lies beneath. You will get amazed by loggerhead turtles and garfish near the rocky seabed.

Halkidiki beaches

Kriopigi beach, Nea Kallikratia beach, Nea Potidea beach, Gerakini beach, Vourvourou Karidi beach

The beaches in Halkidiki are famous for their soft sand, crystal water, and lush surroundings. The most popular beaches are found in the Kassandra peninsula, including Sani, Kallithea, Paleochori and Hanioti. The second peninsula, Sithonia, is not that tourist developed and has many hidden coves to relax.

If you travel in the West then you will find Nea Herakleia and Nea Kallikratia that are both very popular, big beaches with white sand, found on the western coast of Halkidiki. They are fully organised and ideal for families, while traditional tavernas in the area serve delicious meze and Greek cuisine. Continuing further along, you’ll encounter Nea Plagia, Flogita, Dionysiou Beach and Agios Mamas. Some are a little more and some a little less lively, but all are fully organised, offering dozens of options for water sports enthusiasts, as well as for those looking for more privacy and tranquillity in the little bays with the crystal-clear waters hidden between them.
Sithonia is much more exotic. The coves at Kavourotripes and Karidi, with their emerald waters and white sand, will make you fall in love. As will famous Kalogria, the pine-studded bay of Koviou Beach and Paradisos Beach. Sarti is especially for surfers but you can also taste the beautiful beaches of Porto Carras, Spathies, Elia, Kalamitsi, and Agios Ioannis. You’ll swim under the archaeological site of Toroni and in Porto Koufo, under the ancient port of Toroneos where the scenery is breathtaking. You will see the two protective arms of the cliffs embrace the port, leaving an opening of about 300 metres. In Sithonia Halklidiki’s there are offered camping sites with their spectacular beaches Armenistis, Koutloumousiou Beach and Kalamitsi. There are also many beach bars where you can dance while drinking your shots or tasteful cocktails by the night. Sithonia is also an ideal family holiday destination that offers thousands of options for accommodation, food and fun. It’s a paradise for every child. hidden between the more popular beaches, there are gems like Aretes, Mikri Elia, Azapiko, Abelos, Diaporti with the islet of Pounta – that will become your treasured little secrets.
Nea Kallikratia beach is ideal for the elderly and also offers access to disabled people. It has a lifeguard and is a safe choice for children.

  • Nea Potidea beach is a part of a popular holiday resort and is found at the entrance of the Kassandra Peninsula. It is located 30 km south of Polygyros and 60 km from Thessaloniki. The beach is well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas for all the encounters. Its blue waters are great for swimming. It includes close hotels, apartments and room rentals, as well as cafes and beach bars. Nea Potidea beach also provides many nice restaurants with delicious fresh fish meals.
  • Karydi beach includes a gorgeous photogenic view. It is a great destination for families as the music isn’t loud. Adults can walk out many meters and the water won’t get past the waist, so this really is the perfect kid’s pool. Even in the end season, this beach will be crowded so it’s better to arrive early in the day if you want parking and room for your towel.
  • Gerakini beach is found in the bay between the Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas. Gerakini is a long beach that has been a popular destination for many years and recently has seen improvement with a new 5-star hotel. The beach is also well organized and offers a variety of things as far as restaurants and entertainment. Access is easy, just off the main road from Thessaloniki on the way to Sithonia.

Best places in Halkidiki and things to do

Despite Halkidiki’s comparable beauty, to the Greek islands, this coastline region is relatively quiet in terms of visitor numbers. The last few decades it’s been well known by archaeologists for its historical treasures. In summer it still gets busy, so you can book easily – even if you’re planning to stay in one of Sithonia’s many campsites or apartments-villas.
Halkidiki is a springtime destination with water temperatures

The Halkidiki Peninsula drops three long fingers into the Aegean, all lushly forested and lined with white sandy coves. Kassandra is a peninsula with a lively infrastructure, it’s not busy, but this is where you’ll find the most glamorous resorts and the villages with the best restaurants and bars and many of the best places to stay in Halkidiki. Sithonia has the most beautiful of the white, sandy beaches and the best camping. Athos is famed for the ancient Mount Athos monastic community.  Our Guru’s pick of the best hotels in Halkidiki covers all three peninsulas, and there truly is a property for everyone from a traditional inn in the undiscovered inland region to luxury family-friendly resorts where all ages will be kept amused.

Despite Halkidiki’s proximity, and comparable beauty, to the Greek islands, this coastline region is relatively quiet in terms of visitor numbers. Up until the last few decades, it’s been best known by pilgrims and those searching for historic treasures, so its development has been restrained and feels largely unspoiled. It still gets busy in the summer though and popular with Greeks too, so book ahead – even if you’re planning to stay in one of Sithonia’s many campsites or self-catering apartments or villa. Halkidiki is a great springtime destination with warm water temperatures. It’s also nice in September. If you are planning to stay in Halkidiki there is a variety of options.

Most of Halkidiki’s beach resorts are found on the east coast of Kassandra. Sani is the largest centre and is ideal for those looking for a summer party. with Sani being the largest centre with the best nightlife. If you are seeking adventurous holidays you can book here.
In Sithonia, you will travel in the past due to its historical places. Sithonia also has the oldest mosaics ever found in Greece in the excavation of Olynthos. You can visit many traditional old villages. This region is for you if you want undiscovered Greece, quiet beaches and to experience cultural treasures.

Discover 3 beautiful villages in Kassandra- Pefkohori, Chrousso village, Possidi

The name of the village of Pefkohori in Halkidiki came from the combination of the two words “pefko” and “Hori”, which in translation means “pine” and “village”. It immediately becomes clear that the village is surrounded by pine forests. Nature describes that this is simply an ideal option, which is why families with children often relax here and enjoy the tranquillity of the place. Pefkohori offers excellent service, exquisite Greek cuisine and quiet holidays for you to relax. Admires of entertainment will also be able to relax because at their services will be numerous parties, entertainment and travel. Pefkohori beaches are very clean and they get the Blue Flag every year from the Foundation for Environmental Education. For most tourists, this is an indicator when choosing a place in Greece for swimming especially with children. On the streets, you can see loads of flowers and various greens. If you look from the beach, you can see the image of the holy Mount Athos.

The sights in the village of Pefkohori are not numerous. However, you can walk around the Old Town with its narrow streets or visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and explore the ruins of a Roman settlement. Paliouri is famous for the production of honey and olive oil as well as the whole area. The visitor can admire the unique nature and wander the green paths of Pefkodasos or the narrow traditional alleys of the village that give a unique traditional colour. Southeast of the village, at the end of Toroneos gulf you can find the settlement of Agios Nikolaos Kanistrou with its two picturesque coves and the natural bay where the church of Agios Nikolaos is located. Two kilometres northeast of the village is the busy beach of Chrousso where there are the facilities of Xenia and the campsite of EOT. In Chrousso you can enjoy the clear blue waters and the golden sand which in combination with the pines that touch the sea form a literally enchanting landscape.

Possidi village was named after the god Poseidon. Possidi is a small cape on the west side of the Kassandra peninsula. Its ancient name was “Poseidon” and belonged to ancient Mendi.
It is a coastal settlement with increased traffic during the summer. There you will find many beautiful hotels and hostels as well as beach bars, small, classic taverns and ouzo, where you can taste fresh seafood and drink the special wine of local producers.

Posidi has three beaches, two of which are well organized. The largest in length and width, but also the most famous to the general public is the beach of the “Aegean”, which extends to the right of the cape from the camps of the Aristotle University to the settlement “Aegean” from which it took its name. It is sandy with characteristic blue waters. The second is the beach in front of the resort of Poseidon and is organized by beach bars and beach hotels. It extends to the right to the cape of Poseidon. The third beach that is less known, is the beach “Myti”, in front of the lighthouse of the cape. This is a natural phenomenon of sand deposition on the cape and is of unique beauty.