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Polyhrono is a village in the prefecture of Halkidiki. Based on the census population of 2001 inhabitants is 1,063. The village is famous for its beach, which attracts many visitors each year.

Ηistorical data

In place of the current Polychronou was the ancient Neapolis, colony Eretrians. Believed to have been founded in the 7th century BC This city suffered many barbarian invasions, with the latter of the Huns, which led to the extinction of, 540. In the 11th century, the area was settled by farmers and ranchers. The latter built the village Polyhro, which was so named because of the many flowers that were there. The Ottoman period was burned and destroyed by the Turks. Later few remaining inhabitants returned and built from scratch the village because verbal corruption was named Polyhrono. During the Ottoman occupation, like all the other villages of the peninsula belonged to the foundation’s tax Gkazanfer Aga, while administratively belonged to the nahiye Kalamarias.